Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


When you create an account on HERE, you will get a user wallet. You will need to top up or deposit enought credit for renting or buying an e-book.

Top up or deposit can be done using any of the following:

  • Mobile Money payments (choose another method if your country is not yet enabled to use mobile money)
  • Paypal - you require a paypal account
  • Direct debit/credit card
  • Through registered MixaKids' agent

Renting or buying e-book

Account Login

Joining MixaKids

Absolutely not! Registering or creating a user account on is free. No one is allowed to charge any fee to register users on this platform. However, you will need to topup your wallet in order to buy or rent e-books.

Joining MixaKids is very easy. All you need is your guardian/parent's consent to register a user account on this website. When an account is registered, we shall send a verification request to either (or both) the mobile phone or email of your guardian/parent.

Upon responding to the verification code, the user account will be approved and ready for use.

Please do not register without your guardian/parent's approval.

Submitting Stories

Becoming an Author

MixaKids allows anyone to become an author. All you need is to submit an interesting but orginal story. Your story will be approved, illustrated and converted into an e-book. Finally, as soon as the e-book is published on, you will receive a notification by SMS or email. Your user account on the platform will be upgraded from "Subscriber Account" to "Author Account".