How It Works


Well, without beating around the bush (or if you do not like reading lots of text) - this is the summary of how MixaKids works:

  • The child submits a story here (you need to create a user account and be logged in). Your child can also submit his/her story to their class teacher at school.
  • MixaKids receives, edits and approves the story. The story MUST be original and not copied from the Internet or other books.
  • Mixakids requests the child's guardian/parent's approval to publish the story. This is done by signing a publishing contract between the gaurdian/parent (on behalf of their child) with Mixa Kids Ltd.
  • Mixakids creates illustrations for the approved story (children can create their own illustrations if they can).
  • MixaKids creates the e-book and publishes it to platform.
  • The e-book is available for purchase or rent by other readers across the world.
  • The author is able to view (in realtime) the e-book sales statistics under their user account on
  • Every quarter (3 months), the guardian/parent can request to withdraw the accrued sales income. For all approved withdraw requests, the funds are only remitted to the child's pre-registered Bank Account.

Children are free to submit as many stories as they can.

By the way, adults who can write good children stories are welcome to submit them as well!